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25W circular work lamp

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25W circular work lamp

[ 25W 15˚ lens (Straight) ]

25W circular work lamp

[ 25W 30˚ lens (Diffusion) ]

Free voltage supported by adopting a driving circuit that can be used by general commercial vehicles or construction equipment

Sturdy body made of die cast aluminum heat sink and reinforced plastic lens

  • 3~70V DC free bolts can be used (customization).
  • UV coating applied for anti-tarnishing effect.
  • Use of the fixing bracket is compatible with existing products. Immediate replacement after purchase.
  • All-in-one lens type for firm and perfect water proofing.
  • Low power consumption for fuel efficiency improvements
  • Philips Lumiled TM LED used for reliability.
  • 50,000 or more hours of use means reduced maintenance costs.
  • Same brightness despite voltage changes.
  • 12V (9~17V usable) or 24V (19~27V usable).
  • IP67 class waterproofing is suitable for outdoor work.
  • Vibration resistance test report is available.
  • CE certified product.
  • FCC certified product.

Area of application

  • Industrial: electric forklift, excavation truck, loader, forklift, rear lamp, etc.
  • Agricultural: tractors, combine, bailer
  • Night work vehicle, tunnel excavation equipment, fishing vehicle, mine work lamp, etc.
  • Ship works
  • Camping and leisure
  • Straight lens: Needs light at a 15° angle, more than 30 meters away.
  • Diffusion lens: Needs light at a 30° angle, less than 30 meters away.


25W circular work lamp
25W circular type
Model YWR25W12D15 YWR25W24D15
YWR25W12D30 YWR25W24D30
Voltage (V) 12V 24V
Current (A) 1.9A 0.9A
Output power consumption 25W
Efficiency 90%
Total lux 2160lm
Color temperature 6500K
Color rendering 75Ra
Diffusion angle 15° 30°
Size(mm) 120(Ø) X 47(D)
Weight(g) 300g
25W circular work lamp 25W circular work lamp 25W circular work lamp
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